The Song of the Stork by Stephan Collishaw

The stork is the harbinger of Spring symbolically bringing light to the Winter darkness and anticipation of its arrival becomes a metaphor for life and hope as Yael struggles desperately to find safe haven in Nazi occupied Poland. The impending genocide looms large over those fighting to preserve their Jewish faith. Fighting cold and hunger … Continue reading “The Song of the Stork by Stephan Collishaw”

A Thousand Cuts by Thomas Mogford

A deadly explosion in Gibraltar’s dry dockyard was never going to divert attention from the Battle of Britain and the few defending the many in their balletic aerial battles witnessed by a never say die generation. But this seemingly innocuous blip on the second world war radar comes back to haunt the dying embers of … Continue reading “A Thousand Cuts by Thomas Mogford”

Every Hidden Thing by Kenneth Oppel

Imagine Tony Robinson and his Time Team shifting their focus from archaeology to palaeontology, travelling back to the 19th century and setting up camp on the American frontier – this could take reality tv back to the future and in the process breathe life into prehistoric times. A stretch of the imagination undoubtedly but in … Continue reading “Every Hidden Thing by Kenneth Oppel”

Lilly’s House by Cassandra Perkins

Necromancy is suggestive of sorcery and black magic but in Lily’s House this gateway to the afterlife is initially more subtle and understated before assuming a deeper significance as the family tree unravels with Jen struggling to accept her grandmother’s death and its mystical fall out. The seaside setting imbues the story with golden hues … Continue reading “Lilly’s House by Cassandra Perkins”

Medea’s Curse by Anne Buist

Sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll might not provide obvious comfort to victims of abuse but in Doctor Natalie King we are confronted with a forensic psychiatrist whose approach to mental healthcare is more black book than text book. In a race to reveal the injustice of a seemingly tainted underclass the Ducatti riding maverick … Continue reading “Medea’s Curse by Anne Buist”

The Strays by Emily Bitto

A bohemian existence that challenges the social norms of pre-war Melbourne society is given innocent perspective by the childhood friendship of Eva Trentham and Lily as they live an often feral but intellectually stimulating existence in a nascent artistic commune In this boot camp for developing talent Evan Trentham is the Simon Cowell of his … Continue reading “The Strays by Emily Bitto”

Lingua Franca by William Thacker

Miles Platting is a man whose ambition is driving his love affair with the commercial power of language. However his conscience is desperately clinging to the coat tails of his naming rights agency’s vision of transforming the material fortunes of a town by rebranding its identity from the meaningful and permanent to the lightweight and … Continue reading “Lingua Franca by William Thacker”