Living with the threat of Covid-19 has lead to the new norm of enforceddomesticity; a bespoke big brother lite with cameras optional and confessionalroom mandatory. This is an unpredicted mutation from traditional weatherimposed confinement to a government dictated lock down where thetraditional notion of personal space is now an ironic nod to the invisible enemyrather … Continue reading “CORONAVIRUS DIARY – PART 1”

A Commuting Life – Groundhog Day

Is it what you read or what you’re reading on that tells you most about the modern day commuter? The intense, unsmiling character reading the Wilbur Smith’s blockbuster “Hungry as the Sea” could be that supressed adventurer desperate for a more exotic life and unwilling to accept that a daily commute on the Chiltern Turbo is anything other than … Continue reading “A Commuting Life – Groundhog Day”