Armadillos by PK Lynch

Armadillos are the ubiquitous roadkill littering the endless highways of the American prairies and in 15 year old Aggie we have a human reflection of this seemingly dispensable and inconsequential mammal. She is the daughter of an abusive father living in a “sub family” where any semblances of sexual and social normality have disappeared and … Continue reading “Armadillos by PK Lynch”

The Planner by Tom Campbell

Town planning and local government are synonymous with bureaucratic negativity but in the sepia tinted goals of these much derided institutions we uncover an unlikely antidote to the social media driven generation whose morals have become warped by the desire for quick fixes with little substance, unless they are stimulants of the narcotic variety. Wheatley … Continue reading “The Planner by Tom Campbell”

When We Were Alive by C J Fisher

Bobby Baker the Illusion Maker is a magician’s moniker more suited to a children’s birthday entertainer than a modern day Dynamo but it’s this lack of pretension that is a fitting metaphor for these semi-autobiographical stories tracing the lives of three generations and their battle to preserve the innocence of truly living from becoming a … Continue reading “When We Were Alive by C J Fisher”

Untouchable Things by Tara Guha

Seth Gardner’s life is a multi­layered performance that appears to bridge the ages with many costume changes – he’s a latter day Oedipus masquerading as a bacchanalian poet while directing this modern day Greek tragedy with the scruples of a neurotic Sigmund Freud Superficially he’s an amateur inpressario who brings together a diverse artistic group, … Continue reading “Untouchable Things by Tara Guha”

The New Elizabethans – Sixty Portraits of Our Age by James Naughtie

Is it possible for an author to define the Queen’s reign through the subjective selection of significant contributions made by an eclectic mix of individuals? Possibly you may say, but by constraining the list to 60 portraits of notable figures, it’s unlikely there would ever be a general concensus. James Naughtie has attempted to lend … Continue reading “The New Elizabethans – Sixty Portraits of Our Age by James Naughtie”