Welcome to Rich Reviews

Rich Reviews initial goal is to provide a shop window for authors with an Oxford link. The Oxford Times is a great promoter of local talent and we will seek to complement this respected outlet by giving priority to those self-­published authors with the talent to be recognised by the established publishing houses.

We will attempt to be honest and positive in our reviews recognising that the achievement in producing a work of fact or fiction is generally a labour of love and fully deserving of a balanced appraisal. We will also be looking to associate the site with many of the local book clubs in the Oxford area giving those who have an opinion on all things literary the opportunity to have a voice and tell us what is good and bad in their reading groups.

Ultimately this is a new venture and we will be looking to review as many books as possible. We look forward to hearing from you and hope to keep you entertained not only through our reviews but also via our blog.

About Rich

I am a book lover who enjoys writing hence the creation of this Rich Reviews website. I don’t aspire to be the next editor of the Times Literary Supplement but want to create a literary forum for Oxfordshire people and beyond.

I’ve lived in the Oxfordshire area for over 10 years, having previously been a student at Oxford Brookes University. I’ve spent time working abroad and am now settled in the Oxfordshire countryside with my partner and children.

By day, I’m an online gaming professional, which, sadly, doesn’t involve a life of casinos and living by the throw of the dice, however does involve IT and management of people. In an ideal world may be the former would be more exotic but I’m hoping this site will provide the creativity and fun often missing from the more mundane activities associated with a computer and office work.