Islands Beyond the Horizon by Roger Lovegrove

Islands Beyond the HorizonRats have rarely had a good press but in these surprising accounts of the near destruction and ultimate survival of the remotest wildlife environments we learn of the key role played by this indiscriminate killer.

The case against the much derided rodent is fatally flawed though as Roger Lovegrove highlights man’s ecologically negligent approach to the sustainability of these island’s natural resources over hundreds of years.

The author laments that after centuries of environmental abuse society is only now beginning to act. The desire to collectively cleanse our guilty consciences is nowhere better exemplified than on the islands of Mauritius and Isle aux Aigrettes in the Indian Ocean.

The Mauritius kestrel may not resonate in the public’s imagination as much as the Dodo but direct action prevented the lesser known bird from going the way of its flightless ancestor from the neighbouring island. On Isle aux Aigrettes the Mauritius Kestrel was reduced to a single breeding female in 1974. Yet today there is a stable population of around 600 birds thanks to the work of conservation groups.

This book is about more than man’s wreckless disregard for nature it is about the triumph of the human spirit. The author’s admiration for these unique islander characteristics was encapsulated by the people of St Kilda

On August 29 1930 the last 36 inhabitants of this remote Atlantic outpost finally conceded to nature and left for the last time. For centuries before that fateful date though these fowlers and natural cragsmen had so perfectly adapted to their island’s environment that their ability to climb the cliffs barefoot, to capture the seabirds which they depended upon for their survival had resulted in their feet developing the unique feature of having prehensile gripping toes!

Charles Darwin may have raised a knowing smile at this news but ultimately it’s the author’s optimism and hope for nature’s future that shines through.

Islands Beyond the Horizon (The life of twenty of the world’s most remote places) by Roger Lovegrove.
Publisher Oxford University Press £16.99

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