The Reluctant Cannibals by Ian Flitcroft

Anthropophagy is rather a mouthful but mention cannibals to your average reader and they will more than likely conjure up images of missionaries stumbling into tribal cooking pots. This unlikely title will certainly get you sitting at the table ready for the literary starter but the fleshy main course is comprised of an unlikely fusion of a group of … Continue reading “The Reluctant Cannibals by Ian Flitcroft”

The Subtle Thief of Youth – DJ Wiseman

A storm of biblical proportions stirs the sleepy village of Whyncombe St. Giles and Germans into confronting the mysterious disappearance of a local girl whose life and apparent death had cast a dark shadow over the local population. The unprecedented deluge is used The author (DJ Wiseman) uses the weather as a metaphor for the … Continue reading “The Subtle Thief of Youth – DJ Wiseman”

The New Elizabethans – Sixty Portraits of Our Age by James Naughtie

Is it possible for an author to define the Queen’s reign through the subjective selection of significant contributions made by an eclectic mix of individuals? Possibly you may say, but by constraining the list to 60 portraits of notable figures, it’s unlikely there would ever be a general concensus. James Naughtie has attempted to lend … Continue reading “The New Elizabethans – Sixty Portraits of Our Age by James Naughtie”

Islands Beyond the Horizon by Roger Lovegrove

Rats have rarely had a good press but in these surprising accounts of the near destruction and ultimate survival of the remotest wildlife environments we learn of the key role played by this indiscriminate killer. The case against the much derided rodent is fatally flawed though as Roger Lovegrove highlights man’s ecologically negligent approach to … Continue reading “Islands Beyond the Horizon by Roger Lovegrove”