The Song of Peterloo by Carolyn O’Brien

A peaceful protest at Manchester’s St Peter’s Field is brought to a bloody end by a deadly cavalry charge of sabre swinging yeomanry. The violent culmination to months of fulminating antipathy between the working and ruling classes ultimately becomes a watershed moment in the fight of the disenfranchised to have a voice and meaning to … Continue reading “The Song of Peterloo by Carolyn O’Brien”

Sea of Bones by Deborah O’Donoghue

The whiff of political scandal is swatted to the back benches as Juliet’s suspicions grow over her niece’s sudden death and machievellian egos interplay with the otherworldly symbolism of the Scottish Highlands to unravel a series of human tragedies. In her desperate search for the truth Juliet’s role as Chief of Staff of the Progressive … Continue reading “Sea of Bones by Deborah O’Donoghue”

Crazy Busy Guilty by Lauren Sams

Prosecco parenting quickly loses its fizz for George as baby tears and breast feeding become sobering, sleep deprived substitutes for distant memories of a bacchanalian youth. Work hard and play harder is the default mantra for those inhabiting the intoxicating media bubble but this glamorous lifestyle appears to float away from George as the innocent … Continue reading “Crazy Busy Guilty by Lauren Sams”

Into the River by Mark Brandi

A sweaty palmed universal guilt stalks the relationship of itinerant loner Bernie and Ben, an innocent child in an Outback town debilitated by an oppressive heat that appears to distort the moral compass of its insipid inhabitants. This suffocating environment appears to trigger a seemingly unexplained suicide which in turn stimulates a level of background … Continue reading “Into the River by Mark Brandi”

The Geography of Friendship by Sally Piper

A dark shadow has been cast over the friendships of Lisa, Nicole and Samantha as they attempt to recreate a life changing Outback trek that has left a nightmarish imprint on their psyches. The inanimate austerity of rock and sand is occasionally lifted by the reflected light of the sea whose changing tides begin to mirror … Continue reading “The Geography of Friendship by Sally Piper”

The Truth Waits – Susanna Beard

The waves wash silently over cold flesh as time passes unnoticed; a life extinguished by violence lies unloved with distant screams falling unheard onto silent sand. The deadly discovery triggers an emotional storm whose negative energy is further polluted by the uncovering of a bullying and sociopathic criminal class living off the fear of the … Continue reading “The Truth Waits – Susanna Beard”