Hotel on Shadow Lake by Daniela Tully

Nazi Germany provides the malevolent oxygen to a story of unrequited love, and lives tarnished by greed and loathing. The swastika becomes the symbol of social and familial disintegration as Martha Wiesberg sees her brother descend into a void of darkness. As the plot transcends the Atlantic the arch dictator’s controlling characteristics are reflected on … Continue reading “Hotel on Shadow Lake by Daniela Tully”

Outwalkers by Fiona Shaw

Jake Riley’s youthful life is being inexorably sapped by an educational establishment whose duty of care owes more to repression than expression. The Academy attempts to imprison the hearts and minds of its reluctant inhabitants and is an unwanted symbol of the government’s determination to control the people of England at any cost. The Coalition … Continue reading “Outwalkers by Fiona Shaw”

Mike by Andrew Norriss

Mike is the uninvited guest at Floyd’s tennis party; a spectral goth, in long flowing coat and taciturn demeanour, whose existence appears to be both real and unsettling. Yet Mike is a subconscious projection of Floyd’s hidden fears and unsaid truths; a figment of his imagination until this familiar face becomes more prophetic than make … Continue reading “Mike by Andrew Norriss”

Broadcast by Liam Brown

1984 is fast forwarded into the televisual age as the sci-fi technology of the 21st century segues with the publicity hungry You Tube demographic to transform our private thoughts and dreams into public property. Winston Smith’s disguise has slipped to reveal David Callow, a willing victim of an experiment dreamt up by Xan Brinkley, a … Continue reading “Broadcast by Liam Brown”

Wildest of All by P K Lynch

Religion, broken relationships and untimely death provide the emotional speed bumps as Sissy careers seemingly out of control along the rocky road from innocent childhood to nascent maturity. Sitting in the passenger seat is Jude the tragically distant mother unable to put the brakes on her daughter’s descent into darkness, as she in turn struggles … Continue reading “Wildest of All by P K Lynch”

Skylarking by Kate Mildenhall

The lighthouse is a beacon of hope and source of protection for ships navigating the treacherous Cape waters but for Kate and Harriet this desolate outpost is a dreamy idyll where their youthful friendship is allowed to blossom untainted by the dangers and temptations of city life. In nineteenth century Australia the infrequent visits of … Continue reading “Skylarking by Kate Mildenhall”

Timed Out by Barbara Lorna Hudson

Retirement prompts Jane to realise that she has sailed largely unaffected through life’s emotionally rocky waters and unless she starts to embrace living the tides of time are likely to wash her away unnoticed. The mental stimulus of a career in the social services has left her feeling empty and her antidote is to embark … Continue reading “Timed Out by Barbara Lorna Hudson”

Sleeping Dogs by Thomas Mogford

Spike Sanguinetti’s name suggests a prickly optimist yet with the swagger of a handsome athlete his real character somehow transcends this superficial clash of appearance and personality. This disconnect in personal characteristics complements the plot’s diverse settings in which the soporific idyll of Corfu, synonymous with the inoffensive olive, locks horns with the apparently lawless … Continue reading “Sleeping Dogs by Thomas Mogford”

The Artificial Anatomy of Parks by Kat Gordon

An enigmatic title potentially lending itself to an obscure dissertation on the declining importance of greenspaces in modern day leisure does in fact subtly convey the emotional dissection of the Parks family seen through the eyes of Tallie, the daughter of a seemingly happy couple whose unquestioning love is replaced by only unanswered questions following a … Continue reading “The Artificial Anatomy of Parks by Kat Gordon”

The Sword of Moses by Dominic Selwood

The race for the Ark of the Covenant may seem a well worn fictional path but the prospect of stifling a yawn is initially rendered highly unlikely by a lead character whose occasionally comic book escapades would surely lend themselves to a more memorable soubriquet if this this story were ever transferred to the silver … Continue reading “The Sword of Moses by Dominic Selwood”