The Winter’s Child by Cassandra Parkin

The long winter of depression induced by the unexplained disappearance of a beloved son is fleetingly lifted by the spiritual light of a gypsy soothsayer predicting the prodigals return on Christmas Eve. Preyed on by a witches’ cauldron of mystic Megs who delight in stirring the tea leaves of the emotional vacuum left by Joel, … Continue reading “The Winter’s Child by Cassandra Parkin”

Wildest of All by P K Lynch

Religion, broken relationships and untimely death provide the emotional speed bumps as Sissy careers seemingly out of control along the rocky road from innocent childhood to nascent maturity. Sitting in the passenger seat is Jude the tragically distant mother unable to put the brakes on her daughter’s descent into darkness, as she in turn struggles … Continue reading “Wildest of All by P K Lynch”

Ideal Love by Alice Burnett

The evocation of love is spoken through three voices in a plot that explores this emotion in all its aspects from true love to lost love and intertwined with the tantalising nirvana of ideal love. The key protagonists are engaged in a love triangle whose emotional apex is Venus, the possessor of a hypnotic voice … Continue reading “Ideal Love by Alice Burnett”

Rain Falls On Everyone by Clar Ni Chonghaile

The childhood trauma of witnessing Rwanda’s genocide gives Theo an unwanted perspective on life as he sinks into the mire of a Dublin underclass fuelled by drug money. But as he reluctantly adapts to a life of urban conflict he can’t escape the blood soaked images of his African past. His foster parents, Jim and … Continue reading “Rain Falls On Everyone by Clar Ni Chonghaile”

Skylarking by Kate Mildenhall

The lighthouse is a beacon of hope and source of protection for ships navigating the treacherous Cape waters but for Kate and Harriet this desolate outpost is a dreamy idyll where their youthful friendship is allowed to blossom untainted by the dangers and temptations of city life. In nineteenth century Australia the infrequent visits of … Continue reading “Skylarking by Kate Mildenhall”

The Brazilian by Rosie Millard

A vajazzle is a fashion statement more talked about than actually seen but a Brazilian is your passport into the world not only of bored middle class house-wives but the media bubble of the reality tv star. This could be TOWIE does the Balearics with a hint of the outdoor challenges of I’m a Celebrity…….and … Continue reading “The Brazilian by Rosie Millard”

The Lies Within by Jane Isaac

Jo Daniels life comes to a terrifying end in the most heart wrenching of circumstances as an apparently motiveless attack leaves her family devastated yet determined to find the killer who has ripped a gaping hole in their lives. As the grisly chain of events unfold Grace, the bereaved mother, retreats into the warmth and … Continue reading “The Lies Within by Jane Isaac”

Little Gold by Allie Rogers

The eponymous shining star of the story has a soubriquet reflecting a strength of character belying her childlike appearance. She is the source of light for her broken family and a hint of salvation for her elderly neighbour, Peggy Baxter. Her mother turns to drink as she struggles to come to terms with her father’s … Continue reading “Little Gold by Allie Rogers”

Blame by Paul Read

Blaming a recently deceased father for his personal frailties becomes an emotional reflex for Lucas as the circumstances of the death trigger long dormant memories of a childhood traumatised by infidelities and lies. As a pharmacologist Lucas leads a professionally clinical life analysing the biological building blocks that unlock the potential for longer life yet … Continue reading “Blame by Paul Read”

The Magician’s Lie

The Halved Man is the apogee of Ada Bates’s career in magic. Under the stage name of the Amazing Arden this death defying illusion is in many ways an analogy for the two men who have orchestrated her traumatic course through life. Clyde and Ray are emotionally and mentally polar opposites but have both left … Continue reading “The Magician’s Lie”